Change of HMRC bank account details

HMRC bank account details for paying self employed Class 2 and voluntary Class 3 National Insurance Contributions have changed. HMRC have advised that individuals will need to use the new account details when making a payment.

Their advice is that where an individual pays by Internet, telephone banking or CHAPS:

“HMRC is now using the bank Citi for these types of electronic payments. You can find the new bank account numbers and sort codes by referring to the papers sent to you by HMRC.”

According to HMRC:

 “Individual banks and building societies will start accepting the new account details on or shortly after the 20 April 2009. If there is a delay your bank/building society will be able to advise you. You can continue to make payments using the old details until your bank is ready to accept the new ones.”

New payment details can also be found at the link below and are as follows:

Sort code

Account number

Account name

08 32 20



For those paying using a payslip by bank giro HMRC will be changing the system later this year so the above details do not apply to these types of payment.

We will keep you informed of developments in this area.

Internet links: HMRC news Payment information

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