Business Development
Accounts Made Easy
Information is the key to understanding the successes and failures of your business and the key to making appropriate business decisions to avoid future failures and capitalise on successes.
Getting Paid
When you keep your side of the bargain with a customer, it is only fair that they should keep theirs by paying you... and paying you on time. Sadly, as everyone in business knows, this doesn’t always happen.
How to Double the Effectiveness of Your Advertising
This message was written by the one of the UK's leading marketing Gurus, Drayton Bird. In it Drayton gives 24 ideas to double the power of your advertising. And it is a subject that he is uniquely qualified to talk about since his business, The Drayton Bird Partnership, handles direct mail and other marketing activities for clients that include Mercedes Benz, Gallaher Tobacco, Sodastream, Barclays Finance, and American Express. He is the author of "Commonsense Direct Marketing" - which is ...
Your 24 Hour Action Plan for Getting Where you Want to go
This guide sets out exactly what you need to do to start getting where you want to go in business and in life.
How to Add Value to Your Service
Becoming better value ie increasing value by cutting prices - or, more accurately, by reducing your perceived prices by more than you reduce your perceived benefits.
Winning Price Wars
When competitors cut their prices the temptation is, of course, to cut yours too. But that sort of behaviour can quickly turn into a price war. And while that might be good news for customers in the short run, unless you actually want to throw away your profits, it certainly won't be good news for you.
How to Make Yours the Most Profitable Business Card in Town
For years and years highly paid business gurus have been coming over from the USA telling us that our single most important marketing tools - our business cards - are, to put it politely, rubbish. You've probably been at one of their seminars when they ask everyone to hold up a business card… and then proceed to tell you why they are all pathetic.

And, even more annoyingly, they were probably right!
The Value of a Business & the Difference Systems can Make
Just follow the instructions to realise the true value of systems.
How to Write an Elevator Speech
Follow the key points to write a great elevator speech.
Headline Generator
How to write great headlines for your press releases and marketing material.
How to Cut Your Costs
Almost every business goes through the annual ritual of budgeting for, or forecasting, its sales and expenses over the next year. Unfortunately this ritual often misses a golden opportunity. Used properly, budgets are not only useful for monitoring performance, they can actually help to reduce costs.
How to Explode With Growth
Every business is made up of a series of processes that converts inputs into outputs. One of the keys to making your business more successful is to identify your most important processes, and then do everything you can to improve the conversion rate so that you get more output from every input. It's as simple, and as difficult, as that!
How to decide which non-core activities to outsource
Find out how to decide which core activities you should outsource
How to Get Your Bank to Say Yes!
Practical advice to help you get the money you need to run your business
How to Use Business Awards to Supercharge Your Profits
This report contains 22 tips for improving your chances of winning business awards and giving your business a powerful competitive edge.
Planning to Step Down From Your Business
Experience shows that the sooner you start planning for the day you are eventually going to step down from your business, the easier and more rewarding your departure will be. Through our work with hundreds of successful businesses we have discovered that answering these seven questions is an excellent way to kick-start the process of planning for a smooth and profitable exit.
How to Handle & Overcome Price Objections
The right ways to deal with price queries.
How to Promote Your Business for Pennies
There are many clever technical definitions of PR - but in essence it is the art of publicising your business at little or no financial cost. How? By harnessing the fact that newspapers and magazines need to fill their column inches with news as well as advertising.
Risk Assessment Calculator
How to evaluate risk in your business.
How to improve your success potential with the OWN matrix
Want to improve your success potential? Then download this document now.
How to Carry Out a SWOT Analysis
How to ask the right questions in your SWOT analysis.
The Secrets of Pricing for Profit
Economists claim that prices are set by markets. But they are wrong.

Prices are set by people running businesses. People like you. And they are among the most important decisions you will ever make. Get them right and you could be on the road to fame and fortune. But get them wrong and your business will be doomed to failure.
Unique Selling Proposition Generator
To be truly successful a business needs at least one Unique Selling Propositions ("USP"). It also needs to do everything possible to make sure that its USPs are recognised and understood by its customers.
Windows of Opportunity
Find ot what your windows of opportunity are
Compare your business against the DTI's "Winning" report
The DTI's classic study Winning found that the best UK companies share five common characteristics. Use this checklist to discover what those key success factors are, how your business compares with them and what you can do about it.
Small Business Success
The Top 10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail (according to Michael Gerber)